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Are you fed up with your lack of confidence or self-belief?

What’s currently stopping you from achieving your riding dreams right now? Is it overwhelming nerves? Or perhaps it’s the fear of what other people think? I've been there - lacking confidence, having little self-worth and feeling sick with nerves. That's why I've created my coaching business. Take a look below and see the options for working with me. I can't wait to hear from you!

Work with me

This means that no two people have the same experience. This is so important because no two people are the same. Each of us has a different life story and different beliefs which cause us to think and behave in different ways. I will ask you for a short summary of what you want to work on before our session begins, so that I can create a plan for our session that gets the very most out of the time we spend together during our coaching.

I appreciate the significance of the investment that you are about to make and I want to make sure that you get the very most from it, without being more overwhelmed than before you began!

Coaching Options

Each of my coaching programmes are completely bespoke...

An online, self-study course designed specifically for riding instructors & coaches

'Be the best coach for your clients'

This course is like no other I have come across. It has been designed with riding instructors in mind, having done several hours of research with qualified, experienced instructors & coaches. 
The course is delivered across a variety of methods including video coaching, audio recordings, PDF worksheets and even transcripts of all videos to save you making lots of notes!


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One Off Coaching

Power Hour

An hour long coaching session as a one-off or in a block.
This would be beneficial as an introduction to mindset, to work on specific goals or to continue on from some previous mindset work.

The Experience

Each of the sessions will teach you tools and techniques that you can use for the rest of your life, to continue your success, long after we finish working together. It is vital to me that you really understand why you feel the way you do and how to overcome that on your own.

The content of each session will be tailored completely to your goals and current challenges, meaning no two sessions would be exactly the same. We work through exercises and techniques at your pace, so whether you're a fast learner or it takes you slightly longer to get to grips with something new, you won't be left feeling overwhelmed.

What sort of things are covered?

• Morning routines

• Using emotion & feelings to benefit you rather than hinder you

• Exploring your personality on a deeper level and the impact that can have on your mindset

• Ensuring you are really confident to go out there and achieve success even after the programme has finished

• And much, much more!

• Identifying your challenges and how this makes you feel

• Creating realistic and achievable steps towards overcoming those challenges

• Understanding and practising techniques you can use when you need them during day-to-day life and at competitions/high pressure situations

• NLP techniques to implement

• Creating mindset habits which last

(Discounts available if booked in blocks of 3 or more sessions)


"I feel open, excited and ready for anything.
My self belief is the highest it’s ever been! "

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"I am so grateful to Sophie, who has got me though these past weeks by giving me tools, techniques and so much more that ACTUALLY WORK to change your mindset. I have been able to continue to confidently compete, and ENJOY the sport that was quickly turning into a nightmare for me.

If you are serious about changing your mindset, retraining negativity into positivity and embracing your abilities, don’t hesitate to check out Evergreen Coaching.

I can honestly say this has been life changing for me, and although I wish I had done it years ago, I do believe it happened now for a reason. Thank you Sophie!"

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I’m Sophie, an equestrian mindset coach, working with equestrians to help them improve their mindset and change their lives for the better.