About Me

 I know how it feels to be stuck in a negativity rut and 
feel like you’ll never be as successful as the ‘you’ in your dreams.

I started Evergreen Coaching as a rider and myself, who was fed up with feeling overwhelming nerves on competition day. I was so worried about what other people thought, that I actually avoided even posting photos of my riding and horses, in case it wasn’t perfect and that someone might be judging me.
It even got to the point where I decided that it would be easier to give up riding, and definitely competing, rather than face these issues that I was having. Luckily, someone came into my life who (unknowingly!) helped me with my mindset. It was subtle shifts, such as changing the language I used with myself, that meant that I continued to ride, and still do to this day (competing and all!)

I can relate!

From there I was hooked and so I invested in completing my Life Coaching and NLP Practitioner certifications. I’ve always been that person who never really knew what I wanted to do with my career, and having worked in several corporate environments I knew that really what I wanted was to help other people, so I took the plunge and started this coaching business.

Having graduated from the Royal Agricultural University in 2017, I went on to complete a Masters degree at University Centre Hartpury. Along the way, I was introduced to mindset work and a new, much more positive world. I suddenly started to feel like anything was possible, I could cope with negative situations that arose and that success was just around the corner and well within reach.

Hey, I'm Sophie!

About Me

The tools and techniques I share with you through my coaching
 will support you with success throughout the rest of your life,
not just while we work together. 

The tools and techniques I share with you through my coaching will support you with success throughout the rest of your life, not just while we work together. 

The name Evergreen came about because I love the colour green, and Green is also my surname! Evergreen because such plants are hardy, don’t change through the seasons and are timeless, a bit like mindset should be if you want to be successful.

I am a pasta loving, country girl with a bit of an obsession with stripey tops (you’ll soon realise what I mean when you see my Instagram!). I have a labrador puppy called Tarka who features in a LOT of my photos and stories and rather controversially, I love pineapple on pizza!

I had so much confidence in my mindset that I actually started Evergreen Coaching in the middle of a global pandemic!

Work With Me

When you come to me for coaching, it’s like having 
a chat with a friend who can help you achieve your dreams.

Success is 80% mindset, and whilst riders are happy to spend ££££ on their horses, working on themselves always seems to be last on their list of priorities. 

No matter what level you ride at, or discipline, we all have ambitions as riders. Even if it's to have the confidence to hack alone, right up to riding around a track like Badminton.

Let's have a chat about your ambitions and how I can help you reach that and love what you do.

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"The tools given to you by Sophie are simple to implement, but incredibly effective if you are serious and committed to changing your mindset. I wish I had taken this step years ago!"

"I am so grateful to Sophie, who has got me though these past weeks by giving me tools, techniques and so much more that ACTUALLY WORK to change your mindset."

Are you ready to change your mindset & achieve your dreams?

Let's do it!

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About Evergreen Coaching

I’m Sophie, an equestrian mindset coach, working with equestrians to help them improve their mindset and change their lives for the better.