Master your mindset,
achieve success & accomplish your dreams

Success is 80% mindset, so if you don’t get your head in the right place, you’ll be feeling fed up for a whole lot longer…

Fed up with feeling like you’re not making any progress towards your dream?

Help me change my mindset!

Sophie is an equestrian mindset coach who puts a fresh, unique perspective on mindset, for riders who value the support of a friendly & relatable expert when aspiring to make progress with their horse; no matter their level or discipline.

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By improving mindset, I support equestrians to achieve success and realise their dreams, so that their lives become so much easier, more positive and their riding and day-to-day business running becomes enjoyable rather than stressful or anxiety-driven.

An equestrian mindset coach, working with riders and business owners to help them improve their mindset and change their lives for the better.

I'm Sophie

Do you currently:

• Feel so sick with nerves that your legs are wobbling before you even get on your horse?

• Push yourself to go competing because you feel you 'should' rather than because you want to?

• Worry about what other people are thinking with every move you make?

• Feel those negative thoughts creeping in and feel helpless with how to cope?

• Feel like an imposter, like you don't belong at the competition or level you are at?

And do you wish that instead you could:

• Feel totally in control of your nerves and confident in your own ability...

• Be so excited about riding and competing that you cannot wait to enter your next competition...

• Know that people's judgment says more about them than about you...

• Cope with negative thoughts easily and automatically think positively instead...

• Know that you are more than worthy of being where you are, and you aren't done with your progress & success yet!

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If you’re ready to take control of your mindset and create the best possible version of yourself when you next get back in the saddle, let’s have a chat.

The Offers

Online Self-Study Courses

One-Off Coaching

An hour long coaching session as a one-off. This is perfect for those who do not need or want the support of one of the longer-term programmes below. This could either be used as a top up for mindset work done previously or perhaps as an introduction to mindset or to work on a very specific goal.

Currently I have an online, self-study course designed specifically for riding instructors. A perfect mix of mindset and business, this course is perfect for those instructors looking to stand out from the competition and support their clients to the next level.
More online courses will be coming in the near future, so keep your eyes peeled!

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"I have just finished the most incredible 4 week course, learning tools to cope with mindset issues and essentially training my brain in a whole new way. 

This absolutely could not have some at a better time for me. My confidence was at an all-time low. Working with Sophie has totally changed my outlook on, not only competing but on so many aspects of my life."

"Booking into the 4 week course was the best thing I could have done. Within a week I was able to put into practice the tools and techniques given to me by Sophie and I soon found myself able to enjoy eventing again.

Not only this, but I was able to step back and realise that the series of falls has nothing to do with my ability as a rider."

"After investing in Sophie’s 4 week plan, I can honestly say it is worth every penny. I don’t feel like I’m wasting competition fees anymore as I am truly enjoying the sport I love.

It may seem like a large sum to put into yourself (when we are so used to spending copious amounts on our horses) but it has been an absolutely brilliant and necessary investment for me." 

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5 Exercises to improve your client's mindset

& benefit from the kind of advice my clients get!

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As a business owner, I am sure that you have been told about, or already invested in a mindset coach. There are an abundance of benefits as a result of working on your mindset, including increased confidence, releasing limiting belief and even more money flowing into your bank account!

But have you ever considered how helping your clients with their mindset, could actually benefit your business too? If you haven't, you can read about why I think it's important, in my blog. But, I get it. You don't want to have to become an expert in yet another thing. So i've created this guide to support you with some simple, but very effective exercises you can use with your own clients.

If you like what you see and find the tips helpful, why not check out my services page to see how I could help you further improve your mindset for success!